King Demon/ MMV - Saxploitation

by King Demon/ MMV - Saxpliotation Demo

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This is a an album I am working on !!! this is the more raw less edited Version.

buy the (digital) album for 7$ with some bonuses or the tracks you like for 2 $ a piece (7 tracks would be 14 so buy it all for a steal!)

Saxpliotation - track is about half the material I will work from for the Full length. Track one will be slpit into seperate songs and have it's order re-araanged and will be sandwiched with other things... this is your chance to listen to it un-re-arranged or sandwiched!!

The Drums and Sax on Track 1 are all done by King Demon at the same time no over dubs... all Improv. Small amp with delay effects, the mic from the amp sits on the bell of the the sax.

Saxus - Another inprov track... split in two.
this one had it's recording track doubled in certain segments, some thing that happened by mistake at first then on purpose and detailed and organized.

Experiment in Physics - Not part of this release just a bonus for those that want to buy the demon

Honorable Demons @ Uncle Lous' - Same Deal. recording is from an Early HOnorable Demons show while on the Period Bomb "Red, Wet and bruised tour" With Gladys Harlow on Drums and Jore Dan on trinkets and noise. King Demon on Sax.

King Demons' Basment pt 1 and 2 - same deal extra tracks for you... to convince you to buy the full thing!!! instead of a track or two


released June 3, 2017

King Demon - Sax, effects, Drums / chains, tossing things
except last track Gladys Harlow On Drums
Jore Dan on auxilary noise and toys!

Art work by : Anadine Elise Mackenna Montro



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Miguel Morte Valentine Miami, Florida

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